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Question: Can you put a fitted sheet over it?

Answer: Yes - fitted sheets work well with our protectors.

Question: Is the pillow cover treated with flame retardants?

Answer: Our protectors do not contain flame retardants.

Question: Is there a plastic or chemical smell?

Answer: No, there should not be any strong plastic or chemical smells with our products.

Question: What are the washing instructions?

Answer: Machine wash warm. Dry low heat.

Question: Are all of the sides waterproof?

Answer: Only the top of the protector is waterproof, so make sure that it is placed the right way.

Question: Do these products work with a sofa bed?

Answer: That depends on the size of the sofa bed. If the measurements are correct, the protector should fit.

Question: Do these products have polyurethane in them?

Answer: The waterproof backing on our mattress protectors are 100% polyurethane, which is the industry standard for waterproof protectors. This soft, breathable backing allows air to pass through, but not liquids. It is very safe for use.

Question: Do your protectors zip closed?

Answer: Our protectors fit over your bedding with an elastic band all the way around, holding it securely in place. It does not zip around like an encasement. Our protectors are very effective as liquid, allergen, and dust mite barriers. They are not full zippered encasement.

Question: Are the side panels actual fabric? Sometimes they are made of the material used for free tote bags (recycled plastic) and tear easily or melt in the dryer.

Answer: Yes, the side panels are high-quality fabric. They won't tear easily or melt in the dryer.

If you don't see an answer to your question, please contact us!